Made to Love is Back!

That’s right, y’all.

The last blog post I had published really made me take a step back about the direction of my blog. The desire to blog was there, but my heart still was not in the right place.

But lately, I’ve felt little nudges from God on my heart to continue to journey once again …

Why did I choose to start blogging again?

Other than feeling the nudges from God, I’ve always loved the idea of writing and storytelling on a blog, even though past blogging experiences have been a few and far between. (Click here to see my very first blog.) There is something therapeutic to curating the perfect blog post. I also enjoy the art of taking the perfect picture, enhancing it through editing apps, and sharing my creation with others.

However, my overall for this blog is to portray a life lived out in love through personal experiences and relating them to Biblical truths. The passions involved are just a bonus. A secondary goal, and perhaps less important, is to share little tips and tricks I learn through life related to …

  • Blogging
  • Dating + Marriage
  • Budget/Money-Saving Tips
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Pets

While all of these topics may sound fun to write about at this moment, I realize that there is only so much I can share with y’all on my own. By inviting Jesus along in this blogging journey, I believe I’ll enjoy it more in general. As a result y’all will get to read about Him through my eyes and, hopefully, choose to include Him in your journey as well (whatever, wherever that may be).

Here’s to a wonderful journey ahead!