Life Update: September Edition

Hello y’all~

Goodness it’s been a while. 2020-2021 has been quite a whirlwind, yes?

A whirlwind that I’m just over. (Aren’t we all?)

But perhaps a whirlwind that was much needed — to see and understand where our allegiance lies. God first, then family (and country).

I figured this would be a good time to update y’all with the changes our lives, which pretty much started in early 2021 when my husband, Eric, and I were discussing and praying about where God wanted us. 

For some reason, I’ve had the thought in my head that San Antonio would not be my forever home here on this earth, but rather somewhere in North Texas.

So, onto the first update … 

We moved! (Ba-da-bing!)

That’s right, we left good ol’ San Antonio for an even better city: Fort Worth, Texas. ( 😉 ) Haha, just kidding – San Antonio will always have a special place in my heart … and I will miss having 20 minute drive down to the Riverwalk, especially during Christmas time. I will (and do) miss the lovely friends and co-workers I had down there from time to time.)

One of the main reasons for our moving is because Eric and I felt like we were just living down there — stagnant in our jobs and church life.

Moving up into this area has strengthened our trust in God’s timing, sharpen/refine the areas we needed to work on and grow in our relationship with each other, and tested our communications. (Boy, have we had our good and not-so-good moments … we are all a work in progress, but I digress.)

We became homeowners in the DFW area! (Ba-da-bang!)

Despite the crazy housing market, we found a home we didn’t expect to love — but do now (still enjoying it). It’s an older, pier-and-beam/foundation type home nestled in a cute neighborhood and near a lot of key stores and fun restaurants to visit. Thankfully, we have an HEB (Central Market) and the closest HEB (store) is roughly 30 minutes away (if you know, you know).

Our neighborhood is backed up to a nice jogging/running (or walking) trail, which is quite enjoyable on a cool, brisk morning at sunrise (or in the evening if you wish).

We found great job opportunities! (Ba-da-boom!)

Eric found a job as an x-ray technician working at Cook’s Children Hospital and enjoying it (he loves working with the kids and gets to wear fun scrub tops).

I transitioned into the world of travel nursing, but working locally. Not only has this opportunity given me a more flexible schedule (i.e. I’m off Sundays), but has helped me grow my knowledge and skills as a NICU nurse. For this, I am grateful.

P.S. If you’re a nurse looking to travel, DM me on Instagram and I’ll hook you up with a great company.

We found a church (and a BSF group)! (Sparkle Sparkle!)

Lately, we’ve had the privilege of attending Gateway Church in person, which we had been watching online down in San Antonio. Robert Morris (along with several other speakers) have really ministered to our lives and has been a place we both found peace about attending.

As for BSF, I found a women’s group to join — and looking forward to starting this Wednesday in the book of Matthew. I’m pretty excited about it & meeting the lovely ladies there.)

So many things to look forward to in this new adventure!

But until next time …

God bless y’all,