When Blogging is a Calling: 4 Reasons You Should Blog

When Blogging is a Calling: 4 Reasons You Should Blog

In early 2013, I started my very first blog using Blogger under the same title Made to Love. I had dreams and goals to write more, but never got around to posting them.

“Why was that?”, I wondered.

I was afraid. Afraid that these thoughts were not good enough or that someone else had a better way of writing them.

I was comparing myself to others and not being obedient to sharing the thoughts God had placed on my heart and in my mind.

Over the years to now, I realize now that God was still preparing me for this journey ahead. I just had a lot of wisdom to learn at the time

And still do.

4 Ways God may be calling you to Blog:

#1 You keep coming back to it.

As I mentioned above, I have been blogging since early 2013. The passion was there, but the momentum was not. Maybe this is you, maybe it’s not; but what my blog was lacking as a clearly defined purpose. Why do you want to start blog? What kind of blog do you want to start? What audience do you wish to reach? How will you reach this audience? What kind of posts are you going to write? … and the list goes on.

For me, it was a matter of giving these dreams over to God in hope he would lead me in the right direction of when to start my blog and what to write about.

#2 You enjoy writing.

Two things I wrote in my “welcome back” post:

“I’ve always loved the idea of writing and storytelling on a blog.”

“There is something therapeutic to curating the perfect blog post”

Made to Love is back!

Writing can be a fun and therapeutic experience to anyone. You have can either share them openly with others or within the pages of a private journal. Disclaimer: I do not recommend sharing an overly emotional thought unless you feel God leading you to post it. Being discerning of God’s voice.

#3 You may have doubts.

Blogging as a hobby can be fun; but turning blogging into a career (full-time or part-time) can be a bit risky and takes a lot of courage to take the first step. That step could be emotional, mental, financial, or spiritual. It’s also a matter of trusting God to provide for and take care of your every need.

Still unsure of your writing abilities? Just start writing.

Lacking confidence as a Christian blogger? Seek God and get to know him. Listen to who he says you are.

Not sure if people will read or find your blog? Just promote it and trust God will reveal it to those who need it.

Lacking in finances? Start small and only pay for what you really need.

Whatever your doubts, seek God in everything.

#4 You are always thinking of potential writing ideas.

Think about it. Whenever you journal or read about something you find applicable to your life, what do you want to do? Share it on social media in hopes it will help someone else? Share with family or friend in a message? Regardless of the audience, you are sharing your thoughts with others, possibly creating a discussing — even better when you are discussing God’s Word.

Over the past few years, I have share some ideas. Others ideas I have written down in a journal, waiting to be further developed. Some ideas might take a while to develop if God is still working you through it. Be patient with the process.

If you are called to blog, do not give up on the dream.

Be strong and courageous. Trust God in the process.

Enjoy the journey.

Be blessed, y’all